Tall Ships Q&A

You have questions? We have answers.  Here’s a Q&A from the organizers.



Q. What is the date the Tall Ships will be arriving in Halifax?

A. Thursday, July 16, 2009 

Q. When can the public begin boarding the ships?

A. Friday, July 17, 2009 

Q. When do the Ships leave Halifax?

A. Monday, July 20, 2009 

Q. Which ships are participating in the Parade of Sail before departing from the harbour?

A. All ships except for HMCS Sackville, HMCS Goosebay, HMCS Acadia 

Q. What other NS ports are ships visiting outside of Halifax (Outports)?

A.  Port Hawkesbury (July 22 & 23) 

      Louisbourg (July 22 & 23)

      Lunenburg (July 22 & 23)

      Sydney (July 25 & 26)

      Pictou (July 28 & 29)

      Pugwash (July 31 & Aug 1)  

Q. How many Tall Ships are coming to Halifax?

A. Between 40-50 (at this time 45 confirmed) 

Q. How many Tall Ships are going to Outports?

A. Port Harkesbury – 4

     Louisbourg – 4

     Lunenburg – 4

     Sydney – 8

     Pictou – 7

     Pugwash – 6 

Q. How many countries are participating in the Tall Ships race?

A. 14 Including:







    Cook Islands


    Unites Kingdom





Q. Which Canadian Tall Ships are participating in Tall Ships NS 09?

A. 15 Including:


    Bluenose II

    Fair Jeanne


    Lianna’s Ransom

    Mar II

    Mist of Avalon


    Peer’s Fancy

    Sea Rover


    HMCS Sackville

    HMCS Goosebay

    Murray (RCMP Vessel)

    Theodore Tugboat 

Q. Who is crewing the Tall Ships?

A. Men and Women; Professionals and sail trainees 

Q. How many ships are cadet ships?

A. Approximately 60% 

Q. What is the age range of ship crew?

A. Average age 16-25 years, could go as high as 50 

Q. In meters; Which is the largest ship and which is the smallest?

A. Largest: Kruzenshtern, a Russian ship – 114.4 meters (376 feet) Long, 51.3 meters (168.3 feet) high

    Smallest; Peers Fancy: 12 meters length overall 

Q. What were the previous dates for Tall Ship events in Halifax?

A. 1984, 2000, 2004, 2007

Q. Which of these years that Halifax hosted, was the TS Atlantic Challenge Race also taking place?

A. 1984 and 2000 

Q. What are three features that make this year’s event notable?

A. 2010, 100th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Navy

     250th anniversary of the Naval Dockyards

     25th Anniversary of Tall Ships in Nova Scotia 

Q. How many volunteers will be needed to help out with TS Halifax 09?

A. 1000 + are registered   

Q. What are some volunteer roles?

A. Transportation

    Ship side Docking

    Media Assistance

    Event Control

    Food Services



    Site Crew


Q. What makes the Nova Scotia event different than any other?

A. This is the only place where the event is province wide, where we encourage ships to travel to the many beautiful  communities of our province 

Q. What is the connection with Sr. Paul McCartney’s visit to Halifax and the TS?

A. Sr. Paul will be making Halifax his only Canadian tour date and one factor influencing this decision was because of  his interest in Tall Ships 

Q. Does the public need to have anything additional to board the ships?

A. Yes, everyone needs to have their boarding passes and those 16 and over must have photo identification to board all ships.

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