Live Coverage Of The HRM Mayoral Candidate’s Forum On The Environment At 10am

Barring any technical difficulties, we’ll be bringing you today’s Forum with the Mayoral Candidates live from the Tupper Building at Dalhousie University starting at 10am, hosted by the Ecology Action Center.  More info from their Facebook page:

Hosted in partnership with Sierra Club and the Halifax Student Alliance

Candidates David Boyd, Sheila Fougere and Peter Kelly will discuss issues around environment and sustainability in the municipal context. Issues may include:

Transportation (public transit, cycling, infrastructure, regional plans etc)
Protection of natural areas
Reducing emissions (energy efficiency, green buildings, green fleet/buses, renewable energy)
Youth issues
Environmental-human health (air and water quality, use of pesticides, active transportation/recreation)
Sustainable development/community development
Urban agriculture

And more! Bring your questions, as a half hour will be allotted for questions from the floor.

PLEASE COME OUT FOR THIS DISCUSSION! Let the candidates know that these issues matter to HRM residents!

Choosing a good leader is one the keys to approaching sustainability!


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