living room need a boost?

rouge did a home consultation two weeks ago for a client who wants to refresh their living room.

The room is a challenge in terms of layout, as it opens to the dining room/kitchen via French doors, and has a doorway on the opposite of the room leaving to the front hall.

This busy family of four have a tv room in the basement, but this space is where some tv watching takes place, family game nights happen, and of course, some adult entertaining.

The main goal was to offer suggestions that would update the room and not break the bank by incorporating as much of the existing furniture as possible…namely, the large brown leather sofa and love seat.

Here is what rouge recommended, along with some pictures to inspire:

* repaint to update look and feel
* consider removing French doors
* rearrange existing furniture – best use of space for function
* create a defined conversation area by adding oval or rectangular area rug, adding a fun occasional chair
* create a defined reading nook by adding comfy chair (suggest grey or cream), floor lamp (suggest brushed nickel), and existing side table
* address tv – (a) remove from room, (b) get a flat screen tv, (c) use existing.
* suggest removing armoire. Consider using existing coffee table as tv stand.
* add less substantial, softer coffee table/ottoman
* add layered lighting specific to living room uses — two table lamps and reading nook floor lamp
* consider new window treatments to allow for light, yet retain or increase privacy.
* replace curtain rod with more substantial, dark brown rod
* mount further outside of edge of window, so that when curtains are opened, they hang over wall and don’t cover any window.
* suggest curtains with grommets. Consider patterned and/or textured to add layers to the overall design (white/grey)
* add floating shelf (s) to display family photos and artwork. Either in lieu of existing bookshelf or as a row behind couch.

I’ve since heard from the client who was indeed inspired by rouge’s work. They’ve gone out and purchased a couple of end tables, table lamps, a floor lamp and have their eye on some curtains….

Keep us posted, please!

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