NOTD: Milani Hi-Tech

I couldn’t wait very long to dive in the holo goodness I got from Lawtons. As soon as China Glaze Re-fresh Mint started to chip on me, I moved on to Milani Hi-Tech.

Wouldn’t you agree with me it’s gorgeous? All day I stared at my nails and tilted them slightly to see the holo effect, then smiled, lol. People must think I was crazy or something.

This first picture was with flash from a slanted angle, and the second one was with direct flash. The colour did appear a bit differently.

But it really doesn’t matter what angle you look at it from, Hi-Tech is beautiful. It feels like I have some sunlight on my nails, really something during this long winter month.

I had no issues with either application or the brush. I only applied 2 coats for this mani, as it looked opaque enough. Another coat wouldn’t hurt, if you are a 3 coater kinda gal 🙂 I didn’t apply top coat either. Removing this polish was easy peasy as well. Love!

When I saw the swatches of the collection online, I only wanted a few, but I did end up getting all 6. Blame it to Lawtons and its clearance sale, lol.

What would you like to see next? I have way too many polishes to try. The thing is I have a hard time removing a pretty colour from my nails, so I can’t do series of swatches like all the nail gurus do. Forgive me 🙂

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