Lawtons haul

I know Lawtons is only around in the Maritimes, so blogging about their sale wouldn’t be useful for most of you, but I’d love to share it. First, it is an exciting haul, at least to me. Second, if any of my readers are from the area, they could go get themselves some goodies as well. Fair enough?

I mentioned on twitter about 2-3 weeks ago that I found Milani’s 2010 collection at Lawtons. Didn’t even think they’d have it at all, as they normally carry just basic colours. I was quite excited, as I am not aware of anywhere else around here that has Milani’s LE stuff.

On Saturday, I found the same display with red stickers all over it. My heart skipped a beat, I swear 🙂 How did they end up on clearance so fast? I instantly grabbed a shopping basket. These were all CAD2.99 a piece.

I brought home:
– Nail Art in Black Sketch
– 3D Holographic polishes:
First row, from L-R: Digital (pink), HD (silver), 3D (gold)
Second row: Cyberspace (light blue), Hi-Res (light purple) and Hi-Tech (green).

Couldn’t find the glitter eye shadows and others anywhere. Somebody hid them, lol.

And that’s not all. There were other things on clearance with great prices too.

I found Ardell Little Black Dress sets for CAD3.25 each (75% off), better than the CAD4.99 price tag at Winners that I once paid, as you might remember.

I chose Cocktail Party and Reunion. They look a little more dramatic for party looks. Each comes with 2 set of lashes, adhesive and a pair of tweezers. I never noticed Lawtons has Ardell lashes before this sale, lol.

And if you have a little diva in the house, these finds might be for you (well, for her, ultimately).

On the left are Disney’s Hannah Montana cosmetic sets, on sale for CAD2.99 each (front view on the left, inside view on the right). Each set comes with body glitters, nail polishes with nail file, lip gloss compact, lip wand, lip tube, eyeshadow pot, a pin and a pouch. Squirt squealed when she saw it in my shopping basket.

On the right are Disney’s flavoured lip balm sets with snow dome cases on the top, very cute, I have to admit. They are on sale for only CAD1.74 a box. We got multiple items for future birthday presents for Squirt’s friends, as I know they would love them as much as she does 🙂

Lawtons normally has higher price ranges than Shoppers, but it has awesome clearance sales. I still saw a bunch of PURE items on for 75-90% off but I wasn’t really interested.

Next time you are in Lawtons, look for the red stickers 🙂

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