Local development agency hiring, and holding annual general meeting

Hi everyone, here are a few notes from Chebucto Connections, our local development agency. They do very good work in the Spryfield and area community. See below for a job posting and the annual general meeting announcement. Also, a congratulations to Chebucto Connections on their first year of the ‘Pathways to Education’ program, which is designed to keep kids from dropping out of school, and it’s going great guns so far. Pathways is a national program, and I just got a note from the Toronto coordinators that you Like them on Facebook, and each Like will raise $1 for the program from the donor Ernst & Young. Here’s the link:

And now, back to Chebucto Connections news.

Calling all residents! You are a member of Chebucto Connections if you live anywhere from Armdale Rotary to the Pennants. Join the Celebration of achievements and people building community. Come explore opportunities, make connections, share your thinking, volunteer! AGM, Monday, June 20, 7 pm, Community Wellness Centre

Social Media Coordinator and Data Clerk
Job Purpose – To create and manage a social media package that enables Chebucto Connections, as a community development organization, to reach diverse residents in diverse ways in Spryfield and neighbouring communities.

Source: http://www.outsidethecircle.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=213:local-development-agency-hiring-and-holding-annual-general-meeting&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=50

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