Local Flyer Roundup: Groceries September 26 – October 2

Here’s a roundup of deals from select local merchants for this week. Thanks to dev0kan on Reddit for the effort.


Numerous deals on gas savings if you buy certain products, check out the flyer

  • Butterball Turkey (Frozen, 3-5kg) $3.15/lb ($6.92/kg) BoGo (Better price per turkey at Superstore)
  • McIntosh Apples 3lb bag or Seedless Navel Oranges BoGo $4.99-5.99
  • Ben's Xtra Soft Bread $3.49 BoGo
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce $2.79 BoGo (Often on sale for $1)
  • Kraft Singles $6.29 BoGo
  • Aylmer Tomatoes 540-796ml $2.39 BoGo
  • Napoli frozen mini pizza $2.99 BoGo
  • Hamburger Helper $2.79 BoGo
  • Clad Cling Wrap 90M, Parchment Paper 35ft, or Wax Paper 75ft $3.99-5.29 BoGo
  • Michelina's Signature Entrees $2.49 BoGo


No Tax September 27 & 28

  • Butterball Turkey (Frozen, all sizes available) $1.37/lb ($3.02/kg)
  • Chicken Breasts or Thighs, boneless/skinless $3.99/lb ($8.80/kg)
  • Green, Red, or Black Seedless Grapes $1.29/lb ($2.84/kg)
  • Sponge Towels Ultra 6x $4.88
  • Large Grade A Eggs $1.99
  • Christie Crackers 100-454g $1.67
  • Dole Pineapple 398ml $0.79
  • Del Monte Vegetables 341-398ml $0.79
  • Kraft Dinner Original $0.99
  • Maple Leaf or Schniders Bacon 250-500g $3.99

No Frills

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Gateway 667 Main St. Dartmouth

Pete's Frootique

Shoppers Drug Mart

Guardian Dartmouth Gate

Giant Tiger

Bi Weekly Zim Stop

In Memoriam – Robert Barnard