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Good evening bloggies… I thought yesterday was hot but today was worse.  39°C
(100°F) with the humidex.  SO thankful for the AC in my office/car.

Tonight I threw a couple of black bean burgers together and paired them with a Southwest Salad.


I used one of our favourite bagged salads, Dole Southwest – which includes a mix of lettuce, radishes, red cabbage, carrots, tortilla strips & cheddar cheese.  I bulked it up a bit with baby spinach and tomatoes too.  Served with a mix of taco ranch dressing and sour cream.

IMG_5770 IMG_5771


Mmm, this hot weather makes me crave salad.


The black bean burgers were made with 1 cup black beans, 1/4 c corn flake crumbs, 1/4 c chopped green pepper, 1/4 c chopped onions and a couple tbsp of Frank’s Sauce – all whirled in the food processor and then formed into patties in the frying pan.



With a slice of jalapeno havarti cheese melted on top and served on a whole wheat bun with baby spinach, ketchup & mustard. I ♥ black bean burgers!



A few days ago I received the Fall issue of Kraft What’s Cooking in the mail.  I’ve been going through it and am seriously impressed with some of the recipes. Usually there are a few that catch my attention but this issue seems to be packed with healthy, yummy-looking recipes. Tons bookmarked to test out! 🙂


Saving the best for last…

As luck would have it, I had a few work-related errands to do in the city today so I took the opportunity to sneak in a visit to Local Source Market on my lunch break.  🙂  I won a Select Nova Scotia twitter contest a few weeks ago and part of the prize was a $60 gift certificate to the Market.

Local Source Market is located at 5783 Charles Street (runs between Robie & Agricola) and offers a nice selection of local seasonal produce, free-range meats, egg, cheese, jams, coffee/teas and baked goods.  They also have a bakery that has sandwiches, soups and some tasty looking treats!


By the sheer love of food and the desire to foster a local food culture, Local Source Market work’s with local food producers the bring Halifax healthy, real food. Buying local food minimizes waste, fosters a vibrant local economy, allows consumers to actively vote with their dollars, reduces environmental impacts and reconnects our lives with the seasons.


The shop is fairly small but they sure manage to stock it quite well! 🙂


I really wish I had of had time to browse a little longer but I only had a few minutes.

IMG_6298 IMG_6296

Obviously I needed some lunch though! 🙂 The lady at the counter was really nice & helpful and recommended the ham & cheese sandwich, which was made fresh that day.


Was a great choice!!  Real ham and cheese on homemade cheese. Mmm mmm!



Came with a handful of these beauties too!!!!


A juicy pear for dessert.


Here’s how I spent my gift certificate:

Trying out a new blend of Just Us along with their white chocolate, dried cranberries & cranberry blueberry jam from Terra Beata Farms, free range eggs, plums, pears, the most gorgeous red onions ever!, chive goat cheese from Ran-Cher Acres, a molasses cookie (couldn’t resist one of their baked goods!) a couple bottles of Propeller soda and a package of sausage from Meadowbrook Meats.


IMG_5766 IMG_5767

I was honestly thrilled to find this place and can’t wait to go back!  There was a great selection, prices were super, extremely reasonable and I know that what I’m getting is LOCAL!! 🙂  

Well, this got to be quite the long post… hope you enjoyed!  If you’re in the Halifax area, check out the Local Source Market!

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