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Look What I Made

On Thursday, I trudged home from work feeling blue from the many sunless days that Halifax was experiencing and frustrated that it started raining just as soon as I stepped out of my office building. Of course, I was wearing a dress, my legs were mostly bare and my toes were growing numb.

As I exited the ferry and made my way up the hill that led to my condo, a car pulled up beside me. My car. My husband and my son. I smiled, opened the door, and let the warmth of the car and the joy of my family envelop me.

Then, Dan handed me this.

“Cameron made it for you,” My husband told me. “At daycare, for Mother’s Day.”

It was lovely and precious and very sweet of the daycare provider to get this together for the kids to do. Three small violets, sitting in a blue tub, surrounded with dirt.

“Cam put the dirt in,” I was informed. “He absolutely loved that part!”

My son, with his own two hands, made something for me.

I know there are mothers with children who are older who are flooded with pictures and crafts and cards made for them every day. You struggle with the decision of what to do with these multitude of gifts, hoard them or throw them out? Display them or pack them away?

But I have never gotten one before. This is my absolute first little handmade something made by the boy that I made and adore.

When we got home, I crouched down in front of Cameron, and told him that this was the first ever thing he has made just for Mommy and that I was so proud and so thankful. He looked at me, smiled, and gave me such a big hug.

I made it for you, Mommy! I made it all by myself, Mommy! I made it because I love you!

Oh my heart.

Mother’s Day is about recognizing a mother’s contribution to her family. It is the opportunity to stop and say thanks. I am sure that in seven years I would very much prefer a spa trip as well as a homemade card from my kids…

But this Mother’s Day, I couldn’t be more blessed than to be gifted with something created by my son’s own hands.

This Mother’s Day, I am thankful to be his Mommy. I am so proud to have been a part of his creation.


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