L’Oreal Colour Riche 30 Years

L’Oreal celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Colour Riche lipstick line last year with a collection of 30 best selling colours (LE which are long gone, and core, still around):

– Collection Privee (Nudes): Freida’s Nude, J.Lo’s Nude, Doutzen’s Nude, Julianne’s Nude, Liya’s Nude and Eva’s Nude.

– Collection Exclusive (Pure Reds): Julianne’s Red, Blake’s Red, Eva’s Red, Freida’s Red, Zoe’s Red and  Liya’s Red, and 3 LE shades:  Doutzen’s Red, J.Lo’s Red, Laetitia’s Red.

– Other reds: 297 Red Passion, 315 True Red, 350 British Red.

– Oranges: 163 Orange Magique, 293 Orange Fever, 342 Crystal Cuivre, 417 Peach Fuzz, 444 Tropical Coral, 800 Fairest Nude.

– Pinks/ Berries: 165 Tickled Pink, 266 Rose Saphir, 287 Sparkling Amethyst, 288 Intense Fuchsia, 453 Rose Creme and 580 Peony Pink.

I slowly collected the Pure Reds over a few months, not much for new trend blogging but for my stash record 🙂

The shades I have so far: Julianne’s Red, Blake’s Red, Eva’s Red and Zoe’s Red.

I am glad I did not overlook this collection, as these semi-matte reds are incredible – pigmented, not drying and long lasting. They are hidden gems in the drugstores for sure.

Julianne’s Red is a traditional red, neutral toned while Blake’s Red has more of a  blue base, more vibrant. Eva’s Red has the orange undertone that is flattering on medium skin tone. Zoe’s Red is the darkest in the bunch but still very wearable.

Can’t you tell I could not pick a favorite among these 4? The line is on sale quite often at Shoppers, so have a swatch fest and pick a few to add to your red collection.

My Shoppers still has a small slot on the permanent shelf that shows the “30 Years lipstick collection” and I grabbed the 2 that, you know me, are bright and bold – 293 Orange Fever and 297 Red Passion (both from the Intense Blondes line).

I sure did overlook the Colour Riche core shades in the last year or so, being carried away by the latest/ more exciting new releases. Mind you, my stash has more than enough Colour Riche shades that last me a lifetime, but also for that reason, I did not give them enough attention.

Orange Fever is the most intense and shimmery orange I have come across in a long while. One swatch and I wonder why I never tried it before. Too much for work for sure but extra fun for weekends, once it gets warmer.

Red Passion would fit right in with the Pure Reds above, except for its finish. I would say it is between Julianne’s Red and Blake’s Red and not satin matte.

Final words: Get all the bright lipsticks, 30 years or not 🙂 The Colour Riche lipsticks sell for $10.99 each normally, could go on sale as low as $6.99.

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