Love & Inspriration

I meant to post up this video for you all to see but didn’t get around to it until tonight. It is from Kandee Johnson, a MA on youtube. If you can’t see the embedded video, follow the link to “Go Get Your Dreams & My Story”.

I was so touched that Kandee opened her heart to share her past to inpire her subcribers fighting for their dreams and be truthful to who they are. You can tell from the way she talked, she was talking from her heart, no fake feelings, no disguise. The video was very well received by her youtube viewers and blog readers. Some sent her stories of their own, opening up a whole new loving relationship among them.

What is your dream and are you determined to achieve it?

On the same line of thoughts about dreams, low self-esteem is one of the main reasons we can’t make them happen. I do know what it’s like, as I was a victim of it for a few years. It was the bf and makeup that saved me. But I’m not a good writer (or speaker), so I will let Euchante share her thought about Self-esteem and suggestions of how to deal with it. She was almost teary at the end which moved me very much.

That’s all ladies. I hope we can all be happy with who we are and share the love of makeup and all the beautyful things, and through that, we love each other too.

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