Low coffee tables spotted!

rouge spotted these on a recent shopping excursion and we needed to share! Here are two really interesting low coffee tables…I love the lacquer finish and the chrome legs. It gives them a modern and sophisticated feel.

Stylish and contemporary, these two low lovelies are very European. They are also very fun – doesn’t the two tiered black coffee table look like the perfect dance floor?? Now, I’m not advocating dancing on your coffee table or anything…but that could happen once in a while…after some wine…?!?

Anyway…back to my sophisticated train of thought…both of these would make a nice addition to any modern design. A perfect place to set down a drink, hold your current magazine, display your fresh flowers or favorite accessory.

And, they are reasonably priced, too.

Just remember to think about the scale and how they may or may not work with your other furniture. (This white couch and chair set are the perfect match in terms of scale)

Think coffee table. Think low.

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