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I have been chewing on this for quite a while, as I wasn’t sure I need anymore brushes, especially after my brush haul at IMATS last month. But I think some of you might haven’t heard about it or might be interested in getting some more brushes, so here is what I know.

I have bought mineral pigments from Lumiere Cosmetics in the past and one time I came accross their Pre-buy brushes offer. Basically they offered you a chance to order brushes as part of their own wholesale order from their supplier, i.e. you will be paying the same highly discounted prices that Lumiere pays to buy the brushes themselves. The only set back is that you have to pay up front and receive the brushes later after Lumiere receives the huge shipment from the supplier and starts processing your order. I don’t think any other companies out there offers this kind of deal. You can follow the link above to read more in details at your pleasure.

I remember I did a thorough research around the blog for feedbacks about this deal. Considering how cheap the brushes are, lots of people have jumped on the offer whenever Lumiere offered it. And the quality, you ask?

Well, ask The Shades Of U, as she had ordered from several pre-buys at Lumiere and found her HG angled duo fiber brush (in the picture). Check out her 2009 pre-buy haul back in April for review and pictures. Like I mentioned on this blog before, The Shades of U was one of the first beauty blogs I read when I started out, and she certainly knows her stuff. I have brought a few things based on her reviews.

I heard about the offer this year at the beginning (in November) but with the FTC rules in the US, I hestitated to post about it. I certainly am not paid by Lumiere to post this and chewed on this deal myself for a long time. I wanted to wait for IMATS deals and did buy brushes there, so I will pass this time. Hoping the info might be helpful for any of you who are looking for new brushes. Please make sure to read all the rules to avoid any surprise or disappointment, as there are quite a few to know before you place the order.

Note: the deal expires on December 15 (3 days from now), just so you know. Sorry for not posting it earlier.

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