The Chihuahua

This is the centre of our universe here at my parents’, lol. Squirt used to be it whenever we came home for vacation, until 7 months ago when my parents adopted this little girl.

We used to have several cats in the house when I was young but haven’t had any pets for such a long time. My cousin brought Bo home one day, testing the water with my parents to see whether she would have a chance to stay. After a few days, my parents fell in love with her and she obviously stayed to be the boss of the house, lol.

Squirt had never had a close contact with a pet (we are still looking for a cat for her), so she had a great time playing with Bo. She still needes to learn how to be gentle with Bo, as she is so tiny. Bo got mad and growled at Squirt sometimes when she didn’t like the way Squirt handled her. It was funny 🙂

I don’t know about you, but to me, this little chihuahua is very smart. I usually give her a rub on her back or head, neck, and she loves that. So she usually picks my lap if a few of us sitting on the couch watching tv. She’s too small to jump on the couch herself, so she reachs up and scratches my knee, then turns her back to me ready to be picked up. It is so cute.

Here she is checking out the bubble tea, just for size comparison 🙂

I was a bit concerned before about getting a pet, worrying that we wouldn’t have time to take care of it. But now, seeing how fun Bo is to the whole family, I guess we would be looking harder to find Squirt a cat to be friend with. I miss my childhood when I had like 3 cats to play with, and they were all very cute and playful. Oh good time!

Have a good night everyone!

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