Lunch at Little Fish

As a food writer, the one thing that I can’t argue with is fresh, good food. In endless chef’s memoirs or interviews a common thread in their approach to food preparation, is to use good ingredients and to keep it simple. In this particular case, Little Fish does just that.

On a business lunch, a couple Fridays ago, I could not have been more satisfied with such simple fare. It was my first visit to the resto and I, having the eternal fear of having food envy, decided that I would follow the lead and order the same as my company.

We both had a simple spinach salad- simple, yet delicious. A generous portion of spinach with a might vinaigrette, buttery pine nuts, and pungent Dragon’s Breath blue cheese. As I said, the fact that there were no bells and whistles to this meal made it all the more appealing. By using only a few ingredients, balanced perfectly, a spinach salad became a lovely treat to my Friday.

Of course, having a weakness for all things protein, I ordered a side of sauteed scallops as well. Mercy, they were good. Again, simple seared scallops with a nice squeeze of lemon made this meal complete.

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