Lunenburg again

I was here again on Friday! Lunenburg! It was a perfect early Spring day. Blue, blue skies and a tiny breeze. The town is slowly gearing up for tourist season. See that window below? Look closely. See some art? It’s mine! Hooray. The Witherstone Gallery will be open for business on May 1st. It will be chock-a-block with lots of creative gooodies from all disciplines.

See this boat? Recognize it? No?

Look closer. See what is transpiring on it?

Ha. Filming has begun for Haven. It is “Duke” and “Nathan”. know I’ve mentioned the show before and will probably again but it is now broadcast in 11 countries! I love how it showcases the beauty of Nova Scotia although it is supposed to be set in New England. lol You can watch episodes here.


Behind the Papered Windows of Barrington Street

Capital District Employees Reach Agreement