Mad for Plaid

AllyG: Hello everyone! I just wanted to touch base to let you know I still think you are all pretty, but it is difficult to post when I am trying to dig my way out of dirty diapers. I look forward to writing again very, very soon. I just need a wee bit of a break to learn how to parent. It’s not as easy as pairing leggings with the perfect tunic.

In the meantime, be nice to L-A. I’m off to spend time with Baby Hugh.


L-A: Hooray for Ally and Baby Hugh (the actual name of BabyG)! As you can see, Ally is still on blog maternity leave, that’s why she’s not actually posting on topic. Or on any topic. She just wanted to say hi.

So, the title of today’s post is about as cliché as you can possible get, but it’s true. When the leaves start to turn colour, I start to think plaid. I can’t explain it. It’s that je ne sais quoi about fall. Probably the same something about fall that makes me want to wrap myself in wool (more on that another day). So I hunted the internet for some of my favourite plaids of the season. No worries, when I say hunted, I don’t mean I started looking at hunting jackets and LL Bean. Actually, I did look at LL Bean’s site and there was no frigging plaid as an example of what I won’t be showing you. There wasn’t much plaid at all. Very disappointing (kind of like the Emmy Awards, which I’m watching as I type this. Jon Cryer? NPH was robbed!). I kind of count of LL Bean for plaid and flannel. Anyway, moving along.  Fall = plaid in my world. And not just in flannel. Apparently it does for Isaac Mizrahi as well.  Liz Claiborne has hired Coco Rocha to wear plaid for them:


As you know, we love Coco, but I’m not feeling this. The plaid dirndl skirt to mid-calf? It’s like Peggy Olson at her frumpiest:


No thank you. If Coco can barely escape looking like a frumpy school marm, then I don’t even want to know what it’d do to me or anyone else who is not a crazy tall supermodel. I’m really not understanding what Mizrahi is up to here. Unless maybe frumpy school marm is what he’s going for. Even if it is, I frown upon it.  Marc Jacobs has a better handle on the plaid in his spring collection for Marc by Marc Jacobs:


Much cuter use of plaid. Lose the sneakers and I dig it. I want this coat/dress (I’m not sure which it is) for fall.

Some plaid for fall that I love is from Canadian designers. I could find plaid by other designers, but it’s been too long since we took a look at Canadian/local designers. And to me, there’s something very Canadian about plaid (I’ve just pissed off some Scottish people, haven’t I? If I told you Ally has Scottish heritage and I’m friends with a bagpiper, would you forgive me for saying I think plaid is a Canadian thing?).

First up, some cute dresses from local designer Katrina Tuttle:

katrinatuttle1 katrinatuttle2

Cute, n’est pas? Her site tells me that her wares are carried at some of our favourite Halifax boutiques: Sweet Pea and Wildflower. Next up is another local designer, Veronica MacIsaac:

!!VeronicaM general aRGB printables_o3a7283_1 !!VeronicaM general aRGB printables_o3a7301 !!VeronicaM general aRGB printables_o3a7417_1

Fancy and fun dresses. The dressier stuff has got a bit of a Joan Holloway vibe going on: you know, highlights curves and is sexy without showing off all the goods. (that’s two unintentional Mad Men references in one post…maybe I’m subconsciously trying to tie it in to the cliché title, to make it a little less lame).

And the plaid doesn’t end with dresses. I also enjoy plaid in my accessories. Like these two bags from Astrosatchel (also Canadian):

friday buck

The first one is totally big enough to carry your hatchet in. Kidding. It’s a hunting plaid and they were going for a “cabin chic” sort of look…but the hatchet looks out of place in this post, which is why I had to mention it. And I’m surprised how much I enjoy the deer head silhouette satchel. I probably wouldn’t carry it, but I enjoy it and the plaid. (Love, Me carries Astrosatchel bags). Another cute plaid bag is by Turbine (also local) using vintage plaid fabric and buttons:


Before I sign off, there is one fall plaid trend that I do want to address, and that’s the shirt dress/tunic:

pl708476-01vliv01 anthropologie_minkatunic

I don’t hate this look. It’s cute, if you’re young enough and you’ve got the legs. But please, if it’s really short, wear leggings or some really thick tights (I bet you never thought I’d be advocating leggings). Sheer tights or bare legs can be dangerous. As in, showing off a little bit too much dangerous, if you know what I mean. I’ve seen this look happening around town and there have been some close calls. Girls, there are some things you want to keep to yourself. Or at least keep under your dress. Just saying.

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