Maine-iacs – Days 3 & 4: Vodka and Hot Dogs

Well, it’s a wrap on the Vacation Fiasco 2013. We’re currently careening down the highway headed for home so I thought I’d do a summation of our little get away.

We had a good time but it’s good to be going home.

What did I learn on this little vacay?

  1. Attention WalMart shoppers, lay down your arms! – If you’re going to WalMart, leave your gun at home At the Bangor WalMart, there was a guy packing heat. Spare me, what is the point of that?
  2. Helmet Head – why would you drive a motorcycle without a helmet in this day and age? I just don’t get it.
  3. Play On! – Portable DVD players are a God send. The kids were well entertained and watched Pitch Perfect about 10 times this week. Next trip, I need one!
  4. Pack Rat – There was no need to bring any clothes other than clean underwear. The kids only want to wear their new duds, not the old ones. So once again, I overpacked. What else is new?
  5. Wine a Little – I love $5.00 wine. I would be much more adventurous in trying new wines if they all cost $5.00. I might even splurge and try a pricey $7.00 bottle. What a wild “winer” I would be if I lived in the USA. Probably a good thing we’re back in Canada where the wine is expensive and I am cheap.
  6. Just One More Day – I would have liked to have one more day where we could laze at the beach or go to a water park. I’ll remember that next time, we need down time. Even I can’t shop ALL the time!

So why the title “Vodka and Hot Dogs?” Well that’s what we brought home of course (plus lots of other things). We picked up some Oscar Meyer hot dogs because they remind us of our favourite times in Florida so we’re going to have a BBQ when we get home. We also got some duty free Grey Goose vodka at the border (I didn’t care for the wine so I picked the next best thing). I bet you’re wondering what recipe I will use to cook up the vodka and hot dogs, am I right? Well here it is…

Vodka Dogs

  • BBQ the hot dogs
  • Eat the hot dogs
  • Mix up a yummy cosmo
  • Drink yummy cosmo
  • Repeat as necessary

And that’s it! Instant summer fun. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that taste the best.


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