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Do you find Gluten Free bread too dense? okay yeah me too! Which is why I LOVE these little rice cake sandwiches. Low on carbs and high in protein and healthy fats; this just might be your new favorite sandwich.

Simply wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight, and by the time lunch rolls around your rice cake will have magically turned as soft as bread.

I posted this image on instagram this past Sunday after I made my lunch for Monday, and I figured I might as well do a detailed recipe post about it to negate any confusion. You might remember seeing something like this on the blog before, as I’ve posted another similar recipe with tuna salad (that recipe here). This time I’m switching things up and adding some healthy fats, and low sodium (gluten and nitrate free) turkey!

What you’ll need:

1- 2 TBS avocado mash * see instructions below
2 slices of (nitrate free gluten free) turkey or chicken breast
1-2 TBS salsa
Grated Cheese (of your choice – Just avoid the processed kind okay)

Plastic wrap – to store and tote your sandwish with you. 


*To make the “Avocado Mash” – Scoop out fleshy part of avocado into a small container. Mash avocado with lime juice (this will prevent it from turning brown) and pepper. You can also add diced onions and tomatoes as well. I store the avocado mash in the refrigerator with the pit inside a small container, and I use the avocado mash as one would use mayo.  This should last about 3 days in the fridge.

Stretch out your plastic wrap across your counter with enough plastic wrap to cover your sandwich (for easy assembly you can build your sandwich directly on the plastic wrap). Spread one side with the avocado mash, and the other with the salsa. Fill the sandwich with turkey and cheese.

Refridgerate overnight, and the avocado and salsa will make your rice cake soft like bread, and much more managable to eat I might add. Make sure to include some other yummy snacks in your lunch like fresh cut up veggies or fruit, and maybe a yogurt (if you’re into that).

Happy Tuesday!
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