Make Up For Ever 15 Artist palette

Since the release of Make Up For Ever Colors You Crave palette, the latest (LE) 15 Artist palette gets even more hype. And deservingly so! Glad I bought it right away.

Nothing against MUFE’s signature black packaging but I am digging this sparkly orange on black even more. The palette sure stands out in the stash.

Still sturdy cardboard with a big mirror inside. The magnetic closure is strong and keeps the lid tightly shut. It would be more travel friendly if there were less empty space among the eyeshadows and around the edges, not a big deal.

The shades are arranged in trios for 5 suggested looks (shown in the included look book):

– Nude: I550 Olive Gray, S522 Pinky Nude and I528 Pearl
– Bronze: I524 Pinky Beige, D826 Fig and I662 Amber Brown
– Orchid Aura: I916 Frosted Mauve, D830 Black Rose and I922 Electric Purple
– Mosaic Blue: D236 Lagoon Blue, S228 Petrol Blue and ME216 Electric Blue
– Smoky:  S102 Onyx, S114 Pearl Gray and ME122 Snow.

I enjoy the abundance of neutral lid shades in this palette but still think it needs more transition shades, same “issue” in the Color You Crave palette. And 3 blue shades mean less options for other colour families to be included.

I am swatching the colours by rows, with a damp brush, no primer as usual, in natural lighting. Overall, the quality is consistent with MUFE standard.

Row 1: I550 Olive Gray (not a hint of grey that I notice), I524 Pinky Beige, I916 Frosted Mauve (lovely lilac tint), D236 Lagoon Blue (green shimmers on sheer base, meant to be layered) and S102 Onyx. (could be more intense but builds up well).

Row 2: S522 Pinky Nude, D826 Fig, D830 Black Rose (black base with rare pink shimmers), S228 Petrol Blue (leaves a light green tint on the skin) and S114 Pearl Gray.

Row 3: I528 Pearl (slightly less opaque than ME122 Snow), I662 Amber Brown, I922 Electric Purple (drier formula than the rest), ME216 Electric Blue and ME122 Snow.

This is my favorite row, since 4 shades apply and blend so smoothly. Electric Purple does take a bit of building up but is a nice purple.

Almost like a tradition, I’d include a quick comparison with the Color You Crave palette.

Colors You Crave 15 Artist
Price $49 ($5.44/ eyeshadow) $67 ($4.47/ eyeshadow)
Size 0.06oz x 9 eyeshadows (75% of full size) 0.06oz x 15 eyeshadows 
Diamonds D552 Crystalline Gray Beige D236 Lagoon Blue, D826 Fig, D830 Black Rose
Iridescents I872 Pearly Pink I524 Pinky Beige, I528 Pearl, I550 Olive Gray, I662 Amber Brown, I916 Frosted Mauve, I922 Electric Purple
Metallics ME232 Turquoise Blue, ME302 Peacock, ME512 Golden Beige, ME700 Amber, ME910 Electric Magenta, ME930 Black Purple ME122 Snow, ME216 Electric Blue
Satins S924 Purple S102 Onyx, S114 Pearl Gray, S228 Petrol Blue, S522 Pinky Nude

No repeats between these 2, I definitely recommend the 15 Artist palette. FYI, it does have 2 same shades from the Nudes You Need palette (I528 Pearl and S102 Onyx).

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