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If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’d know that I’m a pigment junkie. I love getting myself beautiful jars and jars of colourful pigments without considering how long it’d take me to finish them. Like I said, I started out with mineral pigments as eye makeup, so I stick with it.

I love a storage method where I can see the colours but doesn’t take too much space. And this little stand answers that need and promises a good save for my out of control pigment collection.

The stand is handmade and coming soon to Beauty From the Earth. It holds 48 5-gr jars, with a hinge at the back to fold down (like picture frames).

Nice idea and concept, don’t you think? Any junkie out there that reads my blog? What do you think about the stand? Oh I forgot to mention the cost: $40 for 1, $70 for 2 or $90 for 3.

I have in my wish list for a long time a nail polish rack to house my growing collection, and many more items. This stand might have to wait until I fulfill the outstanding items, but it is quite tempting 🙂

On the same topic, I saw this cosmetic spinner on A Beautiful Sentiment and I want one too.

It’s bad that my makeup area is so small but I want things in plain sight so I can remember to use them.

This spinning organizer could house up to 100 beauty items and costs $25. Not bad, except it is on QVC. Their standard shipping cost of $6.47 only applies to within US. Canada is supposed to call their CS to find out the S&H which I’m afraid to do, worrying it’d be crazy like that at Coastal Scents, lol.

I guess for now, I can keep lemming it 🙂 Lovely readers, do you have any organization tips/ gadgets you want to share? I would love to hear. Have a good day!

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