NOTD: Revlon Sublime Strawberry

Another set of NOTD for you today. I couldn’t help but thinking about going back to the hair dresser place to beautify my nails again.

I am revisitting the Revlon Fruitful Temptations (Scented when Dry) collection with some dragonflies for decoration, lol.

This is Sublime Strawberry, a hot pink shade with a light sweet scent. For my skin tone, this kind of pink colour might seem to make my skin look darker, but the black and white dragonflies did help.

The picture was taken with flash, so the pink colour looked lighter than it actually is. All in all, I love it!

For the toe nails, I went with Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Star Ruby. I forgot to include the bottle but you can refer to my Toronto Goodies post for a snap shot of it.

I’m not sure why it’s called Star Ruby when it’s basically a metallic lavender colour, but it’s cute anyway (rasilla, thank you!).

I didn’t really know what drawing pattern I want. The girl gave me a little catalogue with hundreds of nail art styles and I wanted so many of them. So bad! I ended up choosing this little black French tip design with white flowers for my big toes. Not bad huh?

Bonus picture today is from Squirt. She saw my previous nail art and wanted to have her nails painted as well.

She always loves hearts, so she picked out a heart design from the catalogue. She also picked the base colour which was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in VIP Pink. The fine glitters didn’t show in the pic, but believe me, they are sparkling all over 🙂

Believe me, I am not spoiling Squirt by allowing her having her nails painted all the time. As I am no where as talented as the lady at the shop, I wanted Squirt to have a little fun this time. I do know how bad nail polishes can be to kids, so this is a “one time deal” kinda thing for her.

I started to think I’m gonna miss this “luxurious” treat once I fly back to Canada. Next week would probably be my last chance to do this while I’m still here. Which pattern would you suggest for it? Do you think I should just bring this lady with me, lol? I would if I could.

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