Makeup Revolution haul

Hey, first week of September and Edmonton got snow! Aren’t you jealous with us Canadians lol?

Makeup is more fun to talk about. I finally pulled a Makeup Revolution order when they had free shipping.

They shipped it out the day after, and it took a bit over 2 weeks to get to me. Here’s what I got.

I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts triple baked blusher in Candy Queen of Hearts, £4.99 (10g).

I don’t own any of the Too Faced Sweethearts blushes, so a Blushing Hearts one would fill that void.

The cardboard box feels quite sturdy. The 2 shades on the outside seem to have more of a sheen than the one in the middle.

I like the colour combination in this bush, but wish the darker pink switches to the right so I have more of it.

Next, an Ultra Blush and Contour palette in Sugar and Spice, £6 (13g).

A sleek black case to house 8 blushes, bronzers and highlighters, with a big mirror under the lid, great value for the money.

The light pink highlighter (upper right corner) is very shimmery, I don’t think I would use it for that purpose but a pop of sheen on the eye lids.

The marbled pink shade (lower right corner) is less shimmery, would work both as a blush and an eyeshadow.

The other 6 shades are matte, I’m happy to say. Not sure the 2 brown shades are dark enough to use as contour on my skin tone but would be good as bronzers. All 4 pinks are lovely, hard to pick a favorite at this point 🙂

I also grabbed an Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow palette in Lock and Load, £4 (4.5g eyeshadows and 1.2g eyebrow shades).

This palette feels a lot like an Elf product. Also with a thin black case but no mirror and no box. For the value, Sugar and Spice above definitely wins but Lock and Load offers more colour options.

Also got an Awesome Metals eye foil in Black Diamond, £4 (1.5g), to try out. You are supposed to mix the foil with the liquid eye primer on a tray (all provided in the box). Sounds like a Stila product you know right?

Reviews for these products to come, if you need to see them, when I get more time to test them out.

For the lip products, I have tried them out briefly so I can swatch them for you now.

The Salvation Velvet Lip lacquers, £3 (2ml), are those hybrid liquid lipsticks that dry matte, are touch proof and long wearing. I chose Keep Lying for You.

The product comes in a thin round tube, with basic sponge tip applicator. And it is seriously good, application is a breeze, and all claims seem to be true.

Lying for You is a matte raspberry red, a little darker than how it looks in the tube, very pigmented. Once set, it is comfortable to the touch but does not transfer. Smudge proof is proven too. It does not come off until I use a makeup remover. A wipe won’t do.

The LE Scandalous lipstick line has a purple called Depraved, £1, so I had to try it.

As always, my camera cannot be trusted with purples, as Depraved appears IRL as a cool-toned lilac, not as warm like in the pic. It has a good sheen to it and a bit sheer, buildable though.

I also got a I ♡ Makeup I ♡ My Lips lipstick in Racing Heart, £2.49. The same size of tube but with a rounded tip on the cap. Both lipstick lines have the colour indication at one end of the tubes, very helpful.

Let’s have a closer look at the lipsticks.

Depraved has a standard slanted bullet, nothing to note here.

Racing Heart, on the other hand, has a surprise under the cap. A heart-shaped bullet, with a core that blends and provides shine to the satin outer layer on application. Ultimately, you have a comfortable lipstick with a light sheen.

Can’t deny I enjoy wearing Racing Heart a whole lot – the cute factor, the blending of finishes, and the pretty colour. The only thing I ask for is more darker shades for Fall, as Racing Heart is the darkest one among 6 shades available at the moment.

Swatches. Apology for colour inaccuracy again, as Keep Lying for You shows up more pink than red here.

My order came out to be £25.48 (CAD48), I am not complaining. I already “wishlist” the new dark shades of Salvation Velvet lip lacquers, I ♡ Makeup WOW sticks and Tint my Brows, etc. How about you? 🙂

Note that Makeup Revolution products are manufactured in China (or the PRC as stated on the packaging) or Taiwan, if it matters to you.

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