Malta goodies

This is my little prize that came in the mail (before I left for Newfoundland) from Carlinn at Superficial Girls. It was so cool to get some makeup from Europe, as there are brands there that aren’t available here.

Here’s what she sent me:
– Mary Kay sample sheet
– Bourjois Rouge Hyperfix: Semi-permanent creamy lip colour & Comfort gloss top coat in Orange fix
– Fangzhou false eyelashes
– Collection 2000 Volume Boost lipstick in Pinky – Collection 2000 Cheek Tint #2, and
– A blue pigment sample

I’m excited to try out my first Collection 2000 items. Can’t say that I have extensive experience with Bourjois either, as I think I only tried one bronze shadow from them. So yeah, I’ll be playing around with these when I get home.

Tonight was the formal dinner at the conference. The place was nice, they even brought in the 2 Newfounland musicians who played the guitar, banjo, accordeon and even violin. They were so talented and played specifically Newfoundland music. It was very different and the crowd joined them in a few popular songs. It was fun. The food wasn’t spectacular except for the Newfoundland seafood chowder (I couldn’t tell the difference compared to the chowder I have in Halifax though, lol). If you are in the area, make sure you try the chowder. One guy from Vancouver was impressed trying it out for the first time in his life, lol.

Hope you all have a good night!

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