Man Night at lululemon athletica

I don’t usually do a post on the weekend but when I got a personal invite from the Community Leader at the Halifax lululemon store with the subject of the email reading “Man Night at lululemon athletica” I knew I had to share the news and the event with the dudes who read my blog.

After reading the email and checking out the attached PDF invite that said “We do more than make girls’ butts look good” I thought to myself “doubt it” and then proceeded to contemplate it for a minute or two with some visuals.  Once I snapped out of that I then remembered how much I love my lulu hoodies, my workout shirt and my bitchin’ pants and decided this was an event I was interested in.

It’s an event they’re having at lululemon that is a guys only night, where we can enjoy some food and drinks, and learn about their technical fabrics that can take our workout to the next level. There will be a chance to shop afterwards or give them any feedback about their products.  I personally plan on letting them know that not all guys run in tights (and none should!) and that they need more running gear for men.

Man Night will be held at lululemon athletica, on Tuesday March 15th at 8pm. If you’re interested, or have friends and athletes that would be interested in joining, please feel free to pass along the contact information below and let them know by Sunday March 13th if you’ll be attending!

Anna Crosby
Community Relations/Keyleader
lululemon Ω athletica
Spring Garden Road,
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Ph: 902.422.6641

Hope to see you there.

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