Man seen putting substance into drink at local bar


HRM Partners in Policing are reminding citizens to practice safe drinking after an incident last month in Halifax.
At approximately 2:30 a.m. on May 29, police were called to a bar in downtown Halifax. Staff reported seeing a man pour a substance into a drink. He fled when they attempted to detain him, however, they were able to retrieve a vile of the substance. This week, police received the results of an analysis of the liquid, which determined it was gamma hydroxybutrate or GHB.
As a result of this incident, police are asking anyone who sees anyone putting something into a drink to notify bar staff and contact police. Citizens are also reminded of the following tips which will help limit the risk of having your drink tainted:
●       Don’t leave your drink unattended.
●       Don’t accept drinks from strangers.
●       If someone wants to buy you a drink make sure you get it directly from the bartender.
●       Make a plan to travel to and from the bar with friends and stay with them.
●       If someone isn’t feeling well, make sure a friend accompanies him/her home.
Investigators have been unable to identify the man involved in this case but will continue to target anyone involved in the drug sub-culture.

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