Summer safety tips

With yesterday being the first full day of summer, HRM Partners in Policing would like to provide some safety tips to help limit your risk of becoming a victim of crime.

A large number of residential break and enters happen over the summer when thieves are able to enter homes and sheds through unlocked doors and windows. A thief can be in and out in a matter of minutes, grabbing items that are easy to carry like purses, wallets and/or laptops. Even if you are in the backyard, keep your home secure to prevent thieves from seizing the opportunity to break-in.

Many break and enters are crimes of opportunity. You are encouraged to make it difficult for thieves to break-in so they will move on looking for an easier target. To reduce the risk, you should:

– Refrain from announcing your vacation plans on social media or your answering machine.

– Keep your windows closed when not at home. Ensure your patio doors and lower level windows are locked.

– Keep your garage and/or shed locked.

– Take steps to make your home appear occupied while you are on vacation, such as:
* Having your mail and newspaper collected.
* Arranging to have your grass cut.
*  Leaving your interior lights on or using timers to turn lights off and on.
*  Keeping your property well lit.
*  Asking a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property.

Police also encourage you to report any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood. This information is used to track potential “hot spots” for residential break and enters and helps determine trends and suspect information.

Beaches are a fantastic place to spend a summer day, but they often attract thieves looking for valuables left in plain sight inside parked cars. Remember lock your doors and remove all valuables from your vehicle before leaving it unattended. By removing the temptation, you are less likely to become the victim of crime.

By following these simple steps you can reduce the risk you will be targeted by thieves, allowing you to enjoy the warm weather.



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