Marcelle Rouge Xpression Velvet

The Rouge Xpression line has a new gel based formula – the Velvet gel lipsticks, described as having one-stroke extreme colour, lightweight feel and smooth glide.

This is the Karine Vanasse collection with 5 shades – Buff Nude, Rosy Nude, Pink Blossom, Vivid Plum and Red Carpet.

Gel formula has been making quite a buzz and deservedly so. I already love the Rouge Xpression line and the gel formula makes it even better.

The lipsticks go on very easy and smooth, so comfortable to wear that you forget they are there. They do transfer and wear off, but reapplication is a breeze.

Colour wise, the 2 nude shades unfortunately do not show up much on my lips so I have to pair them with a darker lip liner underneath. Needless to say, my favorite is Vivid Plum but Red Carpet is also party-ready gorgeous.

The lipsticks are perfume free, with no weight indication on the tube (the regular Rouge Xpression lipsticks are 0.12oz/ 3.5g), $11.95 each.

Accompanying the lipsticks are the Velvet gel waterproof lip liners, with 5 same shades (I am missing Vivid Plum) and 8 hour+ hold, plus the universal anti-feathering (retractable) lip liner in white packaging.

Don’t think I need to repeat the fact that gel liners work wonderfully, go on so smooth and stay on super long here. The anti-feathing liner is meant to create an invisible line around the lips to prevent lipstick/ gloss/ lacquer from bleeding/ feathering and it does the job very well also.

A closeup on all products to show you the colours.

Swatches of the liners (except for the anti-feathering liner which goes on clear). Pink Blossom is very cool toned, not pairing well with medium skin tone. Rosy Nude is easier to wear than Buff Nude, work well as base on me.

Red Carpet is where it is at, totally works on its own for a waterproof lip that lasts through the night, totally recommended.

The liners are perfume free, 0.04oz/ 1.25g (gel liners) and 0.09oz/ 0.28g (anti-feathering liner), $9.95 each.

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