Marcelle Spring 2017 eyeliners

It is no new news that Marcelle makes awesome liners. The Kohl eyeliners has been well known with their long lasting power (8 hour+ or 4 hour+ on the waterline, waterproof) and wide range of colours.

The line has recently had 6 new shades – Mother of Pearl, Eye Brightening Beige, Classic Navy, Black Plum, Copper Coin and Chocolate.

If you are a fan of kohl eyeliners, check these out. They do what they says they would, glide on easily, last over a decent amount of time with good colour payoff.

Mother of Pearl has been my inner corner shade because of that sheen it has while Eye Brightening Beige is more ideal for the waterline to brighten the eyes. Any of the other 4 shades can smoke out your lash line very well.

8 hours sound about right on my eyes for these, great for weekends or shorter work days. The kohl liners are 0.04oz/ 1.14g, $11.95 each.

Since my normal work day start around 6am, and I don’t want my eyeliner to disappear by mid afternoon, I am so glad Marcelle releases the Velvet gel waterproof eyeliners that supposedly have 24 hour+ hold!

The colour options: Intense GreyDeep Navy, Twilight Purple, Dark Chocolate and Jet Black. Yes, all dark, for now.

You have heard me rave enough about how smooth and easy a gel based liner go on so I won’t repeat that, just know that once you go gel eyeliner pencils, you will not probably go back 🙂 They give you enough time to smudge them out, if you want, then they set and won’t budge until removed at the end of the day, which is about 12 – 14 hours at least.

And colour intensity is amazing. Needless to say, Jet Black is an instant favorite for intense looks, but I prefer a bit of colour for daily wear, which is when the other 4 shine. I cannot pick a favorite among Intense GreyDeep Navy, Twilight Purple and Dark Chocolate, and have been rotating them.

The Velvet gel eyeliners are also 0.04oz/ 1.3g, $11.95 each. I recommend them all and hope for lighter/ bright colours being released in the near future.

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