Marilyn Monroe Revisited – 3 new bios

Marilyn Monroe : the final years (M)
by Keith Badman
Marilyn Monroe Revisited - 3 new bios Fifty years ago, Marilyn Monroe passed away at the age of thirty-six under circumstances that have remained mysterious to this day. Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years separates the myths and rumors from the facts as Keith Badman takes readers through the concluding months of 1960 up to that fateful day in August 1962.
In this extraordinary book—the product of five years of exhaustive research—the author takes on the role of detective to uncover long-lost or previously unseen personal records, exclusive interviews, and eyewitness accounts that illuminate the final chapter of Marilyn’s life as she navigates weight gain, drug use, and personal turmoil, along with drama on the set of the ill-fated movie
“Something’s Got to Give“”. – Publisher
Marilyn & Me : a photographer’s memories (M)
by Lawrence Schiller
Marilyn Monroe Revisited - 3 new bios An intimate memoir recalling a young photographer’s relationship with Marilyn Monroe just months before her death, with extraordinary photographs, some of which have never been published.” – Publisher
With the precision of a surgeon, Schiller slices through the façade  of Marilyn Monroe in his unflinching memoir. Revealing and  readable, it’s a book I couldn’t put down.” —Tina Brown
Marilyn : the passion and the paradox (M)
by Lois Banner

“Like her art, Marilyn Monroe was rooted in paradox: She was a powerful star and a childlike waif; a joyful, irreverent party girl with a deeply spiritual side; a superb friend and a narcissist; a dumb blonde and an intellectual. No previous biographer has recognized — much less attempted to analyze — most of these aspects of her personality. Lois Banner has.

Since Marilyn’s death in August of 1962, the appetite for information about her has been insatiable. Biographies of Marilyn abound, and whether these books are sensational or flawed, Marilyn’s fans have always come out in bestselling numbers. This time, with Lois Banner’s Revelations, the fans won’t be disappointed. This is no retread of recycled material. As one of the founders of the field of women’s history, Banner will reveal Marilyn Monroe in the way that only a top-notch historian and biographer could.
” – Publisher


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