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Maybelline Brow Drama pomade

Despite the tittle, this post is more of a value comparison, with 2 mini reviews thrown in as the starting point. So let’s start!

You all have probably seen it – Maybelline Brow Drama pomade crayon. Yes, a chubby (but short) pencil of brow pencil. What’s new, you asked?

The answer will depend on how you plan to use it :) The way I do, this pencil gives me a lot of product – creamy and pigmented at that – to fill in my brows (and not to shape it). And it works well for that purpose, but you still need a brow gel to set though.

I like the fact that the pencil is safe in the sealed-in packaging, no contamination. But that also means I bought the shade blindly, and Deep Brown turned out to be pretty dark for me. I might go with Soft Brown next.

The brand says the pencil is meant to help create bold and beautiful brows, and I agree with that. But since you need to go over the brow hair a few times with the pencil, the colour gets dark very quickly. Go with shorter strokes and light hand, unless you want bold brows.

There is also Blonde shade in Canada, and Auburn in the US. The pomade crayons are 0.04oz/ 1.1g, $10.

I also bought L’Oreal Brow Stylist definer to pair with the pomade.

Also sealed inside the packaging is the tiny pencil with precise little core (0.5mm) and a brow spoolie on the other side. Not much product in the pencil so I save it specifically to shape the brows only and leave the filling work for the chubby “guy” above.

Very new in my stash but it is a good one. The texture is just right, not too hard on the hair but not super soft to wears off too quickly either.

Also available in Dark Brunette and Blonde. The pencil is 0.003oz/ 0.09g, $11.

Good colour match between Maybelline Brow Drama pomade crayon in Dark Brown (left) and L’Oreal Brow Stylist definer in Brunette (right) if you use the same amount.

Now the fun part: what we pay vs. the amount of product we get :)
Examples: Jumbo brow pencils:
– Maybelline Brow Drama pomade crayon, 0.04oz, $10
– Annabelle Brow Show brow liner + highlighter: 0.07oz, $10
– Elf eyebrow lifter & filler: 0.16oz, $3 (US).

Micro brow pencils:
– Anastasia brow wiz: 0.003oz, $27
– MAC brow pencil: 0.003oz, $19.50
– NYX Micro brow pencil: 0.003oz, $12
– L’Oreal Brow Stylist definer: 0.003oz, $11.

The jumbo pencils are at least 10 times the weight for the same price or a fraction of it in some case! If you are after the precise edges and tails for your brows, sure, use a micro pencil but don’t fill them in with it.

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