Maybelline Color Tattoo Duochromes

The Maybelline Color Tattoo duochromes have arrived at Lawtons over the weekend, but the sad news is we only get 3 among 8 shades available.

I was lucky to have all shades in the line from my US CP haul and swatched them all for you today.

The Canadian shades are noted with a * below.

First row, from L-R: 10 Precious Pearl*, 15 Blue Paradise, 20 Waves of White*, 25 Shady Shores

Second row: 30 Icy Mint*, 35 Cool Crush, 40 Seashore Frosts and 45 Lavish Lavender.

Let me start out by telling you these duochromes are not meant to wear alone as they hardly show up on the lids without lots of building up.

As long as we are clear in expectations, we can move on with the review. Here is their true beauty when the lids are off, if you need to be reminded 🙂

I have tested them as bases for my eyeshadows. Truth to be told, their duochrome nature did show through, in a subtle manner of course, which I enjoyed. I’ll cover the second way I recommend for these near the end of the post.

Swatches of the first row, with a synthetic brush which offered a sheer look, harder to capture on camera. You’ll have to see them in person to fully appreciate them, as they are more beautiful IRL.

Using your fingers to apply these Color Tattoos do give better colour payoff, it is just my personal preference not to use my fingers when I don’t have to 🙂

Precious Pearl has a hint of pink

Blue Paradise is a light blurple

Waves of White has the most gorgeous icy blue sheen

Shady Shores shines pale gold, very close to my skin tone.

The other 4 shades from the second row:

Icy Mint has a weak pale mint shine, a little patchy too

Cool Crush has a similar icy blue sheen as in Icy Mint but is more metallic

Seashore Frosts has the old gold/ green flash, pretty!

Lavish Lavender is a metallic lilac/ light purple.

Due to the sheer nature of these duochromes, I would suggest using them as eyeshadows only with a dark base. Below I used black, purple, navy and green bases (from Annabelle Smoothie eyeshadow pencils) to make the Color Tattoos come to life.

Waves of White‘s green sheen (third shade in the picture on the left) was blinding on top of these bases and Seashore Frosts (third shade in the pic on the right) is close as the second best blingy colour.

I’m happy that Canada gets Waves of White but we miss out on Seashore Frosts. Hope this is still helpful for you to pick out the colours you want, as you definitely do not need them all 🙂 FOTD will follow, as always.

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