Mean People Make Me Sad: Help Worn Out

L-A: So, awhile back I told you about how much I love magazines. One of the magazines that I think rules is Worn Journal. They are fashion. They are Canadian. They are independent.  They are run by volunteers (I can’t even imagine. A blog alone can be a lot of work). That adds up to all kinds of awesome.


I just read today that their bank account was recently “compromised” – leaving the magazine without money to do the things it needs to do to be awesome.

It’s sucky enough when jerks clear out someone’s account, but it feels doubly sucky when they do it to a group of volunteers who are just trying to make an independent fashion magazine.

So, while I can’t send them a big fat cheque, I thought that if someone out there has an uncle who looks something like this:

and that uncle just happens to be a fan of independent fashion magazines, then maybe you can point him towards helping Worn out (there’s a paypal link there for him to use).  Or you could throw ‘em $5. Or maybe you could buy an issue (only $6!) or subscribe ($20/2 years = insane deal! I bet someone out there would love that as a Christmas present).

Pampered Pancake

19th Annual Stuff A Bus Food Drive for Feed Nova Scotia is Friday, December 4th.