Favourite Friday – November 20th Edition – Leggo my Etro…Yah, I’m tired.

AllyG: That title doesn’t even fit under So Cheese it’s Good, but I’m keeping it. I thought I’d take some time today to share with you my latest obsession. No, it’s not Leonardo Dicaprio (can someone riddle me WHY he hasn’t been chosen Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine yet? Johnny Depp? For real? That’s original). Here’s a photo of him, just cause!



No, my latest obsession is all things Veronica Etro. I came upon her designs while reading the latest issue of Fashion magazine, the one with Taylor Momsen on the cover.

Can I take a quick minute to plug Fashion mag? They aren’t paying me I swear it! I love this magazine so much that I have canceled my subscription to People. For those who know me, they know what a huge deal this is. While on mat leave, I had to make some tough, tough financial decisions. One of them was cutting my magazine purchases (El Jeffe doesn’t know that sometimes BabyG and I walk down to the Shoppers to purchase said magazines and then hide them among the others in the magazine rack at home…wha? BabyG likes to be read to!). Fashion mag is incredibly cheap, and I mean that in the kindest way. It’s Canadian, and it’s completely chaulk full of fabulous photos of the latest designs with a focus on our own Canuck designers. One complaint is that they need to focus a bit more on the East Coast, they get as far as Montreal in the City Notes section.

As I was saying, the latest issue of Fashion features a beautiful skirt by Etro . Sadly, I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find a pic of it (pg. 153 in the spread “Be Dazzled”…can anyone from Fashion magazine help me out?). I believe it is from the F/W 2009 line since it combines some really different fabrics and textiles. Similar to this look from the same collection.

(All Etro photos from Style.com)

I love all things Boho, proof in that I’m one of the few who doesn’t tear MaryKate a new one for wearing her “bag lady” clothes.


Yup. I’m totally ok with that look (except for the cowboy boots).  

Etro’s fall collection reminds me of the costume jewellery I adore. The more beads and junk, the better. I thought I’d hit up Style.com and see what Etro has for Spring. Soooo glad I did! It’s boho heaven!

I plan to teach my children that violence is not necessary. Until it’s necessary. This, my friends, I would rip off the model in order to have as my own. The whole thing, right down to the shoes. The best are the shorts. They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen, second to BabyG. Love the way they hang, love the fabric detail at the bottom, love the pockets, especially love the buttons.

Now, I’m not sure how much cleave you could get away with at the office, but I dig this outfit overall. We recently spoke of my love for rolled up blazers, this is no exception. Also love the fit of the pants, loose, flowing, but still show off shape.

This look reeks of rich bitch. And I love me a rich bitch.


I didn’t realize I was into the whole “sheer” thing. It’s naughty, but still klassy! This trollop is all growed-up!

Some people would call this “busy” (like my mother), I call it saucy. You can’t have too much going on. You just can’t. However, I also adore the following outfit. The same outfit that makes L-A cry out for the Baby Jesus whenever she sees it.


I’d wear it. I kid you not.

Before I forget! It’s Favourite Friday! You know what that means…crappy pop music video for your morning mimosa shuffle! For an extra special treat, this week’s video isn’t even crappy!

Have a fabulous weekend, kittens,

Ally xoxo

P.S. Check back lates, L-A will be adding her two cents soon. She’s just “sleeping one off” again. HA! She loves me.


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