I don’t wanna be friiiiiiiieeeeends

AllyG: We’re old. We’ve made that clear. In a previous post (much popular with the Lady Gaga fanbase), we questioned the Gaga, and how she fit into the fashion scene. Was she too much? Was it so bad it was good? I was on the fence. I’ve officially made my decision though….


I’m on Team Gaga.

I’m not sure when I convinced myself of this position, it could have been the trip to the UK:

She’s carrying around a cup and saucer, people. Also note the cleave. Well played, Gaga.

I cemented my love for Gaga with her latest video. To start with, the song is incredible, seriously, BabyG and I listen to it each day on our walk. I sing along to it on my ipod and pretend to be speaking to BabyG when passersby look at me strangely. I assume they are wondering why I am saying, “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!
Want your bad romance”.  The video though…the video…it blows my mind. Love her or hate her, this woman has no fear when it comes to fashion. Frankly, that’s refreshing. Refreshing like Fresca.

Shall we watch the video?

El Jeffe was just watching over my shoulder and made a rather insightful comment. He claims that the gibberish lyrics from Lady Gaga are quite similar to the chanting that The Evil Maryann did in this season’s True Blood. Priceless. Check it out at 6:30 below:

Jeff is feeling quite satisfied with himself.

Back to the video. I’m most impressed with Gaga’s head pieces. I’m sure L-A would say that the white cat suit with matching headset in the beginning looks like something Kermit the Frog would wear to Diddy’s White Party.


You know…his collar thingy? No?

We may need to wait a bit to hear L-A’s thoughts on The Ga. She’s busy trying to scrub her eyes clean after seeing her hero Blair Waldorf in this get-up during her surprise appearance with Weezer. I don’t care if it was Halloween.

No, L-A has a legit excuse. She’ll fill ya in later.



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