Navigating falls fluctuating temperatures can be a gamble at best,  so we’ve compiled some tips to help you fight the weather and still look your best
For fall it’s important to layer as the weather changes so quickly; so wearing layered breathable fabrics is important (e.g. t-shirt, cashmere sweater, mid-weight coat).
Colors you typically want to keep them muted and reflective of some of the colors in nature (e.g. darker greens vs. bright greens, chestnuts, greys, and blacks).
Remember that while you want to keep most of the colors muted, fall also brings some brighter colors like red, orange and yellow – so here we brought that through with a bright red scarf and red socks.
Finally, a gentleman should always be on time so a nice accurate watch (Omega Speedmaster shown here) is crucial.
For a complete listing of the items above, and where they can be purchased see below: 
Jacket (J.Crew):
Sweater (Lacoste):
Watch (Omega):
Scarf (Temperley London):
Shirt (Ralph Lauren):
Belt (Felisi):
Socks (Folk):
Shoes (Hudson):
Jeans (Nudie):
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