Menswear Monday: Mancation


This week’s menwear mood board is inspired by summer getaways! Do you ever wonder what you should bring along with you on a vacay? Above are some major essentials for your next mancation.

These neutral colored chinos are great because you can basically wear them with anything. and look like a stud Above I’ve paired them with three different t-shirts for some versatility, and chucks to make three separate outfits without adding bulk to your suitcase. Pants are one clothing piece that you can get away with repeating on a vacation (if you have to) and no one should be the wiser. I chose these  green chinos because they are cotton meaning they are a natural fabric, which trust me fellas is essential when venturing into the heat. Natural fabrics are more breathable than synthedic, and since your bodies have more muscle mass your body temperature is actually warmer than us girls so you need all the help you can get am I right?! Make sure to drink plenty of water, and wear natural fabrics and you should be cool as a cucumber throughout those hot sunny days.


It’s also important to make sure you are sporting sunscreen whenever you are stepping out into the sun. Sure a tan is major, but you don’t want to end up looking like a prune in your mid to late thirties because you were too lazy to apply sun protection.  I’ve been told that every time you get a tan it means you’ve damaged your skin. The coloring of your skin actually causes the upper layer of the skin to die, and thats why it sheds off later and you start shedding like a dog. And don’t think that tanning beds are any different because tanning beds are only UVA rays which are the ones that cause you to age the most, so think UV “A” for aging. You need a sunscreen that protects you from you UVA and UVB I’m pretty sure that the UVB rays are the ones that penitrate the skin to deeper levels, and cause more longterm problems.  I love the spray sunscreens because they absorb quickly and you don’t feel slimy or sticky which is the last thing you want when you are warm enough already. I always pick the sport ones because they don’t wear off when you\re getting out there and being active.


Now that you have all the tips to keep you cool, and free from sun damage get snapping some photos already!!



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