Things we should know: Spring Trends

L-A: I was recently asked by a journo to talk Spring Trends. My immediate rection was thus: How the hell should I know? Except, I probably should know, what with being a fashion blogger and all. So after thinking about it, I came up with a few that I like (with a little help of Australian Vogue).

1. Pastels like Candy

Is it those Prada ads I love that have me obsessed with Easter colours?

YouTube Preview Image

Peut-être. But I think it’s probably because it’s the spring trend. And since most of us aren’t buying Prada this spring, or even ready to commit to an entire outfit of pastels, may I suggest the following:

A pretty, girly trench in lemon.



A dress in mint.


Or maybe something pale and pretty in lace?


2. Floral, and not just because it’s spring

This is the one I actually have the most trouble with. And not just because stripes are my pattern of choice. It’s just that I have trouble finding the right floral. I get a floral in mind, but when I search for it, I come up short. Anyhow, when I think florals this spring, I think Dior.

Things we should know: Spring Trends

except, real people wouldn’t wear this.


But how do you turn that into what mortals wear (and can afford)? So far this is what I’ve found:

A flippy skirted sundress.


Or maybe a shift dress with the florals on the front only?

Things we should know: Spring Trends

What are your thoughts on the floral? Any better suggestions?

3. The brights

When it comes to the super brights, I’m going to turn to Magnitude for advice.



Exactly. The pop of colour, rather than the overall. At least that’s what I’m feeling. Go for it in the shoes or the wallet or something. Like this neon satchel (this summer is totally going to be the summer of the bright satchel style purse for me):



Or a super bright summer shoe:


So what’s on your spring trend radar? And how are you going to get those off the radar and into your closet without breaking the bank? My plan is to starting hitting my favourite consignment stores/well curated vintage. I get a bit of a deal and I don’t spend a small fortune on something like a neon shoe. I’m also trying to work pearls into my everyday sort of wardrobe, but without looking like a lady who lunches (because that’s not really my style). I’ll let you know how it goes.



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