Methods of Payment at Online Casinos: PayPal vs Card (Visa, Mastercard)

Human nature is known to take risks, this behavior allows for reaping rewards when things go well. Casinos provide that opportunity: a platform where you can engage in activities that are both rewarding and tasking.

To bring it closer to you, online casinos seek to bring gambling and other games to your fingertip thereby making it very flexible. Several paypal casino can be assessed with just a click. You get to take part without leaving the comfort of your home.

More than just gambling, the payment system is also important. This feature ensures that your activities are smooth and seamless. You also need a safe and secured platform where earnings are allocated to you without delay.

 Several payment systems exist that you could explore. In this article, I will compare PayPal and Card systems so that you can make a more informed choice when participating in any online casino platform.


If you have ever carried out any transaction online, you must have heard of PayPal. Aside from being popular, PayPal has a wide range of coverage, cutting across several online payment platforms. This company is a multinational financial company that operates online transactions across several sectors. This company though widespread is limited to some countries, this is because not all countries allow online transactions using this method.

In countries where online transactions are allowed, PayPal is a quick, transparent, and easy way to participate in online gambling.

In the case of gambling in an online casino, your PayPal account works like an E-Wallet. This wallet serves as a temporary store of your money from your bank account to any payment platform.

Depositing via PayPal to fund your online gambling account is pretty easy. Almost like every other transaction you make online; all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Go to the cashier.

The cashier is an online component embedded in the gambling website that enables you to carry out functions like deposits, withdrawals, and player profiles. It also has options that support different payment methods and empowers you to set and remove limits. This feature is seen mostly under the profile once you log into your online casino website.

Choose PayPal.

Once the options appear, go to the choose payment options and click on PayPal. Then Enter how much you want to deposit or withdraw This amount can be entered in figures or words depending on the online casino gambling website you use.

Click submit

Make sure you have entered the correct amount you want to deposit or withdraw as the case may be. Once you are certain that there are no errors, go ahead to submit and that is all you need to do on the website.

Thereafter, you would be directed to PayPal’s website so that you can log on to your details and approve the request from your bank. It takes little or no time for the deposits or withdrawals to clear once they are approved. You can be pretty sure about that.

Depending on your choice and the gambling website’s policy, you may be restricted by some limits to secure your account. Make sure you check your online casino gambling website for an update on their policy on limits.

Advantages of using the PayPal account.

  • PayPal is easily accessible, just everyone can own an account.
  • PayPal clears all financial transactions almost at once, there are usually no delays either for deposits or withdrawals.
  • PayPal is flexible with the charges on transactions. Some casino gambling websites cover these charges.
  • PayPal goes the extra mile to secure your transactions. They ensure that only trustworthy sites are worked with. This check goes beyond the restrictions placed by PayPal within some countries. These restrictions are also implemented in countries where PayPal is available.

PayPal’s Disadvantages

  • PayPal is not available in every country. Even within countries where PayPal exists, restrictions are placed on some regions.
  • Aside from these restrictions, PayPal operates on some policies that require that you pay for some charges even. Always look out for these policy changes on your gambling website for more details.


Cards are a popular, widely accepted means of transaction worldwide. Provided you have an account with any bank, you are entitled to owning a card.  These cards come in different forms. The commonest forms are the Visa and the  Mastercards.

Both Visa and MasterCards are electronic payment platforms that offer their services to customers indirectly via their banks. You can use any of these cards to process payments depending on whichever your banker operates with.

To make deposits with your card on an online casino site, the processes are the same as that of PayPal:

  • Visit cashier
  • Choose cards
  • Choose either Visa or MasterCard.
  • You will be prompted to select your transaction and input your card details which include your card number and pin.
  • Click submit

Make sure you have entered the correct amount you want to deposit or withdraw depending on what you want. Once you are certain that there are no errors, go ahead to submit and that is all you need to do on the website. You would be required to affirm the transaction by your bank either by entering your pin or via email.

Advantages of using Card

  • Cards are widespread and globally accepted. There are no forms of restrictions whatsoever. Provided you have an account you can make a transaction.
  • Easily accessible, no need for extra account delays or processes.
  • Aside from being fast, there is also a higher level of security guaranteed in the use of cards since both the cards and the passwords are yours to keep.


  • Charges on each transaction are higher and come directly from your account.
  • Service provider challenges are frequently encountered.


To participate in online gaming and casino games, you have several options on how to make deposits. These options could include PayPal and Cards. They all have their merit and demerit, but overall, one can comfortably make payments with them. While you make the right choice on what payment system to use, make sure you do so with so much decorum and responsibility.

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