Metro Transit Nixes Motion Allowing Free Rides For Seniors

Metro Transit - New Flyer DE60LFR

In a request made to Metro Transit back in August, HRM's transportation standing committee asked that the transit authority conduct a feasibility study that would allow seniors to ride the bus or take the ferry for free one day each week. According to an article in the Chronicle-Herald Metro Transit has come back to city council with a report declining the motion, saying that it would not be financially viable.

Stating that the lost revenue from offering free rides to elderly passengers would have to be recouped elsewhere, Metro Transit says that is not something they are in a position to do. The article also points out that other Canadian cities such as Moncton and Ottawa have similar programs in place, but although it is not on the immediate radar for Halifax, Metro Transit does have other initiatives geared towards seniors. The request stop program aimed at seniors, children and women allows an unaccompanied passenger to get off at a stop that is not a regular transit stop any time after 6pm for safety reasons.

Tell us what you think: How much revenue do you think would actually be lost if senior citizens were allowed to use Metro Transit services for free one day a week? What are some alternatives to make the system more user friendly to seniors?

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