Milani haul

Don’t hate me guys, I couldn’t just turn down a 50% off Milani sale. I haven’t bought anything from the brand for a while, so many new products I haven’t tried.

I know for the rest of the country out west, Lawtons doesn’t exist. I meant this post for my local readers, but if any of you outside the Maritimes needs anything, I can always CP. How’s that?

First thing I grabbed was nail polish πŸ™‚ These are the One Coat Glitter/ Jewel FX, reg. CAD5.99 (compared to $4.99 on Milani website).

From L-R: Blue Flash, Silver Dazzle, Purple Gleam, Gems and SmoothΓ© Base Coat. I know I had Gems already, this is a backup πŸ™‚ Didn’t get the crazy chunky glitters.

I got one of the Baked blushes that I heard so much about. For some reason, Lawtons only has 3 shades (Rose D’oro – pink with gold veins, Luminoso – peach and Dolce Pink – pink), random enough? Missing out on Corallina πŸ™

This is Rose D’Oro, reg. CAD9.99 (vs. $7.99 US price). And keeping it company is the Marble baked eyeshadow in Mix It Up – blackened teal with silver veins, reg. CAD7.99 (vs. $7.49).

I always have a thing with marble baked makeup, they are impossible to resist. It might be a good thing Lawtons didn’t have all the shades πŸ™‚

Then I had my eyes on the 3D Glitzy Glamour gloss. People said they are closely similar to MAC Dazzleglass but less sticky. I don’t have the MAC ones, can’t compare, but got 2 shades: Fashion Diva – fuchsia, and Stylish – orange, reg. CAD8.99 (vs. $6.99). They didn’t have the blue one I was very curious about.

Then, a few of the HD Advanced Lip color. Lawtons only stocks 10 in 12 shades available in the US πŸ™ I bought Cotton Candy – pink, Ignition – coral red and Vivacious Fuchsia – fuchsia, reg. CAD7.99, same price on Milani site.

And the product I have always wanted to try: HD Advanced concealer. I got Medium, reg. CAD10.99 (vs. $6.99). Don’t know why this product is a lot more expensive here than in the US πŸ™

Eyeliners πŸ™‚

I didn’t know much about these Color Brilliance Eye pencils but the rainbow ombre packaging drew me in. I got Purple, Green and Aqua, reg. CAD5.99 (vs. $4.99), passed on the Black.

No new shades on the Liquif’Eye liners, boo… I only grabbed Aqua, CAD5.99 (vs. $5.49).

Honour mention: Annabelle Smudgeliner in Chichi Girl, paid CAD4.47 for it, as the whole Day Dream collection was on clearance for 50% off. Scored!

Wanted to get this post up early so those of you who live around here can get a few goodies while the sale is still on (till Thursday). Like I said, if any of you need anything, let me know.


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