Mind Trip In Action (Videos)

Now isn’t this an interesting little “experiment” about how I my weigh-in result does or does not impact how I feel….the suspense is killing you, I know! lol


I feel so lucky to have these girls to attend the meetings with! I girl sometimes needs two shoulders to boost her back up 😉

Our meeting topic today was intended to be:

We didn’t get to talk about it very much because we had a special anecdote from one of our meetings members who was in possession of the “magic journal” for the week. I will talk more about the “magic journal” another time, but “Jeannie” sure touched my heart from all angles. What a character that woman is!

There were a few points said by our leader that I thought were very important.

  • She always mentions our right to “press the re-start button” ever single week. I think the idea of that is so important. It not only allows you to put any “indiscretions” behind you and move forward, but it also means that it is now a new week to also keep going!
  • Making excuses sabotages your chances for success. Isn’t this so true. It’s important to be realistic about all aspects of your weight loss approach.
  • Instead of dreading the upcoming holidays and staying on plan, think of it as an “opportunity.” In other words, if you stay committed to your plan during a traditionally difficult time full of all sorts of temptations, coming out the other side no worse for wear and maybe even with a loss, is an opportunity that breeds future success
  • End of the meeting quote: “If you do not change directions, you may end up where you are heading.” A very powerful statement for someone who is looking to find that “moment where it clicks” to turn your interest in losing weight into a commitment.

Just before we were ready to head out the door, one of our meetings members stopped us to tell us how much we inspire her and motivate her because of our success to date. I don’t think there could have been a better time to have a stranger stop me to tell me this. She truly meant it and it was a humbling reminder not to let any ONE week take over my accumulated success. I wish I had of gotten her name, I really want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart because I needed it today 😉

Post weigh-in:

Post butt kicking:

Well there you have it bloggies, that’s Week 2 all wrapped up and now we’re into Week 3! There is no better way to kick it off than a fabulous work out at the gym!

P.S. I still stand by what I said about feeling smaller! 😉

Live: Women’s Semi-Final #2:UBC Thunderbirds v. Montreal Carabins

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