Minister Dismisses Remaining Alton Appeals

Environment Minister Margaret Miller dismissed two remaining appeals, today, April 25, on the industrial approval provided to Alton Natural Gas Storage LP for the proposed brine storage pond in Colchester County.

The arguments put forward in one of the appeals focused on the science used to inform the department’s decision and a perceived lack of public consultation related to the 2007 environmental assessment of the project.

A second appeal cited perceived human rights concerns and potential impacts to drinking water. No information was provided by the appellant that would demonstrate a human rights breach.

“Having now completed my review of all six appeals, I am satisfied that the terms and conditions of the approval have adequately considered potential impacts resulting from the activity and that the appropriate measures are in place to prevent adverse effects to the Shubenacadie River,” said Ms. Miller.

“I am also satisfied that there was ample opportunity for on-going public interaction and communication with the company on the project. As well, the operation of a community liaison committee and issues resolutions systems by the company mean that any concerns raised by the public will be tracked and addressed in a timely manner.”

The department issued an industrial approval to the company to operate the brine storage pond in January. The minister dismissed four of the six appeals on April 18. Today’s dismissals are the final decisions to be rendered by the minister on the approval.

The decision letters can be found online at .

Source: Release

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