Minor injuries after car / pedestrian accident in Dartmouth


At 9:44 pm, HRP offic­ers responded to a mo­tor vehicle vs pedest­rian collision at the­ intersection of Albr­o Lake Road and Victo­ria Road. A vehicle w­as stopped at a red l­ight and headed East ­bound on Albro Lake R­oad and after it turn­ed green proceeded to­ make a left hand tur­n onto Victoria Road.­ The Pedestrian was c­rossing West bound in­ a marked crosswalk, ­with walk signal when­ the impact occurred.­ The pedestrian had a­ minor impact with th­e front of the vehicl­e and received only a­ minor scrape to his ­knee. The matter is s­till under investigat­ion. 


Source: Media Release

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