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Miracle Balm: A Reese and Luke Review

I make kids with sensitive, dry skin.

I guess I couldn’t help it. My hands are always dry and scaly by the end of the day. I keep lotion by my bedside table to apply every night and I go through bottles of the stuff at work.

My hands crave the humidity of summer and wither away in the dryness of winter. It is a curse. And apparently I’ve passed it on to my children. Especially Cameron.

Miracle Cream: A Reese and Luke Review | Mommy Miracles

My oldest boy has dry skin too. His hands are consistently dryer than mine. His cheeks get bright red and chapped throughout the entirety of winter. We have to be constantly vigilant for new areas of dryness that will pop up anywhere on his body. I try to make moisturizing a thing in our household – part of our nightly routine. Go pee. Brush teeth. Put on lip chap. Moisturize. But no, he rarely lets me lather his skin in soothing ointment. (I’m thrilled I have managed to get the boys to deal with their chapped lips nightly, at least!)

Because of Cameron’s refusal to include moisturizing in a nightly regime, I often find his skin needing some very serious attention after a week or two of none.

I fell in love with natural moisturizing products when I was pregnant with Gavin. My belly got exceptionally large and nothing I was applying to my skin was helping the cracked, burning skin. I would rush home from work so that I could take of my shirt, it was that painful. I tried everything. Oil. Lotions. Finally, I found a container of a locally made, natural balm that my friend had given me when I had my first baby. I had put it aside in favour of the big name brand lotions and pulled it out again in a last ditch attempt to sooth my cracking belly two years later.

The natural, organic balm worked when nothing else did. I started to feel comfortable again. I started calling it my miracle cream.

From that point on, I started shopping exclusively for natural creams, especially when it concerned my children. When I decided to use cloth diapers, this became a more pressing need. I knew that I was more likely to find cloth diaper approved bum cream in the natural section of my local baby boutique than in the baby section of the drug store.

When Reese and Luke offered to send me a sample of their products to try, I was smitten. This is exactly the kind of product that I want to be putting on my kids’ skin. The goal of Reese and Luke was to create an Eco Friendly organic baby balm for diaper rash treatment and they ended up making a balm that can be used to smooth any dry skin – for babies and their Mamas! Their balm also does not damage or stain cloth diapers and allows cloth to remain fully absorbent.

Miracle Cream: A Reese and Luke Review | Mommy Miracles

We have been using Reese and Luke Organic Baby Balm since receiving them. Currently, Reese and Luke offers two baby balms, the Shea Butter Original Baby Balm and the Shea Butter Lavender Baby Balm. The Lavender tin is travel sized and ideal for diaper bags or purses, and it is also Cameron’s favourite scent of the two.

Miracle Cream: A Reese and Luke Review | Mommy Miracles

I often find lavender to be an overpowering scent in products such as these, however neither the Original Shea Butter Baby Balm or the Lavender Shea Butter Baby Balm have strong scents. They are subtle and unobtrusive, which is very nice. Reece and Luke products are made with pure African Shea butter in its raw and natural state, which keeps it chemical free and allows it to retain all of the natural botanical benefits that makes Shea butter renowned as a skin remedy.

I am always impressed when I switch from a major store-brand moisturizer to a natural organic one, and switching to Reese and Luke was no exception. We’ve been fighting with certain patches of dry skin on Cameron for months, and since using the Organic Shea Butter Baby Balm, I can finally see a difference from day to day.

Reese and Luke will continue to be our go-to remedy for Cameron’s dry skin and Gavin’s diaper rashes. I can also assure you that I am saving myself some for my next pregnancy. If things go anything like the last time, my belly will be eternally grateful for Reese and Luke Organic Balm.

Miracle Cream: A Reese and Luke Review | Mommy Miracles

You can find out all about Reese and Luke at their website. They’re a Canadian company, but Reese and Luke products are available internationally in markets throughout North America and Asia. You can buy their product on Amazon.

The small print: I was sent a container of Reese and Luke Shea Butter Organic Baby Balm – Original and a tin of Reese and Luke Shea Butter Baby Balm – Lavender for the purposes of this review. I have not been compensated otherwise. I chose to review the product because I knew that it would be used and appreciated in our household.

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