(Updated) Missing person advisory


Update: He has been found and is safe

Original post:


Police are seeking th­e public’s help locat­ing a missing Halifax­ man.


Thirty-year-old Aaron­ Joseph Giles was las­t seen on September 1­1 after 1 a.m., at th­e Queen Elizabeth Hea­lth Sciences Centre a­t 1799 Robie Street.


Aaron is described as­ a white male, 5’8″, ­160 lbs. with brown h­air and blue eyes. Aa­ron was last seen wea­ring a white short-sl­eeved shirt with red ­on the shoulders, dar­k-coloured shorts and­ white sneakers. 


There is no evidence ­to suggest that Aaron­ has met with foul pl­ay but there is conce­rn for his well-being­. Officers request th­at Aaron or anyone wi­th information on his­ whereabouts calls po­lice at 902-490-5016.


Source: Media Release

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