Monday, Monday…

Monday morning, back to routine. November is here. I like November, a quiet month of settling in, getting used to the darkness before winter really sets in. I have a lot of decluttering I want to do……. don’t I always:) Do you a sense of deja vu visiting here? Always the same goals. I get started and then drift off the path but the really important thing is to get back on it again. Right? Right.

No more Hallowe’en candy. More exercise, that’s a big one now with the BustaMove event looming ever closer. Pop over to the sidebar to see what it is all about. I’d love it if you might consider sponsoring me.

Meditation. I am always wanting to get back to that consistently. Everything I read about the benefits makes sense. I love it when I do it. Just have to make…myself…sit….still. Ohmmm.

Painted a large canvas yesterday 18 x 24″ and I have it hanging in my living room. Love it. I am thinking of trying to do a large series and possibly getting them hung in a… “dare I say it”… gallery! Just a thought. Putting it out there.

These two pictures are of Barrington Street. Taken from inside the Old Burying Ground.

Slow Motion Film Festival

Author Reading – Dorris Heffron