Monday Ramblings & your Superbowl fashion report

Ally: Man, Lea Michele drives me BONKERS. I’m working away in my office listening to her painful screeching being played in the other room by le husband as he watches Superbowl crap.

Gag me.

Things have been entirely frantic lately. Between work and my little guy, I haven’t had time for anything else. Literally, like, taking a shower is a daily challenge. Friends have gone by the wayside, phone calls have been unreturned and my Vogue and Fashion magazines coming in the mail have been left unopened. Tragic, eh? Yes, I know there are more troubling things in the world where the problem of not reading your fashion bible might seem trite, but for me it’s the lack of downtime that I am mourning. The blog is an outlet for me, and not getting to ramble away is sad. Ally is sad.

You know what makes me happy? Ann Taylor.

I may have mentioned before that the Digby Frenchys has an abundance of Ann Taylor. Delicious wool mini skirts that I picked up by the truck load last summer to wear throughout the winter. So, I was so excited to see her Spring/Summer 2011 line with the hopes that it might land in my beloved Frenchys in Spring/Summer 2015 or something.

I don’t even mind that Katie Holmes is fronting the campaign. Much. I don’t mind much.


The ad is a little annoying, but the gorgeous summer dress makes up for it.

The trench coat. Oh la la, the trench coat. And the sequins! J’adore!


The tank reminds me a bit of the lovely tank dress that reader Ivy gave me this past fall. I wore it to the Turbine show on a hot date with L-A.

Basically, I just miss showing skin. Not in the creepy Heidi Montag way, but in the way that you can wear a skirt without tights and winter boots. I miss floral summer dresses that can be paired with a blazer for work. Ann Taylor knows this.

Source : Photo from, a great fashion blog btw.

Picture the above paired with a short black blazer? I know I can smell the margaritas on the patio as well.

I know it’s not Friday, but humour me. I need a little Country to kick off my week. Forgive?

L-A: I don’t really have much to say on the above, so I’m going to talk about the Superbowl. I watched about 20 minutes while eating my dinner, so that was the end of the second half and part of the halftime show.  Pretty much all the Superbowl I can do. It’s not that I don’t like the Superbowl and I’m not judging those of you who do. It’s that I really don’t care. I literally couldn’t care less. (and I don’t use literally lightly).  I have absolutely  no feelings on the subject. I don’t understand the game,  I don’t follow the teams, so I don’t care.

Having told you all that, I will now write about the Superbowl fashions, as though I do care! (I need to give myself a reason for having watched as much halftime as I did…otherwise I’d be depressed about the suckiness). So, here’s my Super Superbowl Fashion Report!

I. There are only two teams playing and they are both in yellow pants. This is a bit embarrassing. Like being at the prom and that bitch from history is wearing the same dress as you. So you tackle her. Repeatedly.

II. If I were to cheer for a team, it would be the team that encourages the following:

    hats shaped like cheese? Well, okay! Sign me up for Superbowl!


    III. If you’re going to wear a pocket square, do it right. I’m looking at you halftime announcer guys. The squares either looked awkward or like a giant peacock was coming out of your pocket.

    IV. Can we all collectively agree that the Black Eyed Peas are a novelty act? And not hire them anymore? Excellent, thanks. Because I’d really rather this never happen again in my lifetime:

    So many reasons to hate the halftime show. Here's just one of them.


    V. Further to the previous point, during Fergie’s Let’s Pretend I’m Axl Rose moment I swore I saw glittery nails that looked suspiciously like nails sported by Lois Quartermaine. Unless it’s 1994-95, then this is not a look you should be going for.

    Seriously Fergie, do not look to GH reruns for manicure trends.


    Well, that’s all I’ve got on Superbowl fashion. My observations ended when I decided I couldn’t take any more of the off-key autotune.

    I did tune back in for the campy lip-syncy goodness that is Glee. It’s my first week as Glee editor for You Know You Love Fashion, so I’ll be doing a fashion recap of that over there.

    Rainmen Post-Game Feb 4 2011: Josh Dollard and Eric Crookshank