Money and Relationships: Signs of a Bumpy Road Ahead

Money and Relationships: Signs of a Bumpy Road Ahead

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Money is the root of all evil some say, and the topic of money has caused more than one argument in any relationship, why is that?

Each of us have different attitudes and thoughts when it comes to money and many of us don’t like to talk about it. We hide our ideas and thoughts, our hidden money habits, our goals, our past. If we want to have healthy money relationships we need to talk about these things and so much more.

Here are some sure signs for a bumpy road:

  • first and foremost not talking about money. When was the last time you had a conversation about money? You have to be able to talk about your finances, and your feelings about where you are. Money conversations are important to have.
  • have you agreed on your budget? do you have the same goals? Have you sat down and made a plan together, if no, you need too.
  • Are you hiding your spending? What is the most you would spend or expect your other half to spend without consulting each other? Have you talked about it?
  • Is your past hampering you? We all have attitudes about money that come from how we were raised and previous money experiences. We carry that with us. We need to keep those experiences in perspective.

First and foremost you need to have those hard conversations and put your cards on the table, and sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. You need to really take a hard look at where things are. Remember knowledge is power and when both of you are in the know and on the same page things run smoother.

 Make a joint plan. Know what you want and go after it together as a team.

When you are in the know and have a plan things run smoother and we no longer have to look at money as that evil thing we hide.


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