Monkeying Around

This afternoon we had a fun blogger/twitter meet-up at The Wooden Monkey.
SusanThe Great Balancing Act was in town for the weekend so we got to meet her as well as a few other locals!  Decided to be festive and wore a red shirt today,  since it’s Valentine’s Day and all. 🙂

As usual, I was a little early but luckily Jaime was too!  We got settled at our huge table and caught up over coffee.  The restaurant had just opened for the day so it was still fairly quite.

IMG_0609 IMG_0610

Shortly after everyone else arrived. Yah!!! It was so fun new peeps!  From left to right – Susan, Angie, Katie, Renee, Jaime, Me & Melanie.

We chatted and chatted before finally ordering! I had a really hard time deciding what I wanted and eventually settled on the Lentil Burger with ½ Spinach Salad & ½ Roasties.

IMG_0614  IMG_0615

I have to admit that I had high hopes for this burger because of the the wonderful experiences I’ve had here before. 

Lentils, carrots, miso, garlic, onions, daikon, seeds and oats, lettuce, tomato on a fat free 5-organic grain pita with a sweet onion honey mustard. 

When I first bite into it I noticed something that I thought was horseradish.  I think it was the mustard.  Anyways, I wasn’t really a fan. 🙁  The burger was really good but all I could taste was the mustard.  I ate one half with the sauce and then removed the top of the pita and ate the remaining half with a fork. Much better without the mustard.  I’m going to try and replicate this burger recipe at home soon, yum!

The side spinach salad was really good too. Next time I go back I might just order the entree-sized.

Classic salad with local spinach and bacon, red onion, sliced mushrooms, old growler cheese, finished with a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.

And it pretty much goes without saying that the roasties were good.  Who doesn’t like homemade crispy taters?!

Was a lunch full of good times and good food!

Jaime was sweet enough to send us all home with a little package of Valentine’s cookies.  How cute are these? 

After lunch Ang and I drove around trying to find a place that was open to have coffee.  Our first attempt was Two If By Sea Cafe in Dartmouth – nope, closed.  Back over the bridge to the Java Factory – nope, closed.  WTF?  Why are all the cute little cafes closed on Valentine’s Day?  We were beginning to think the coffee gods were telling us it wasn’t meant to be. :) 

Next stop, The Wired Monk – it was open, Yeah!!! But the service wasn’t great. Actually, it was plain sucky.  But we stuck it out, didn’t really matter anyways cuz we just gabbed away and while we waited for our beverages to arrive.
We decided to splurge and split a peanut butter oat cake drizzled with chocolate.

I love oatcakes because they’re not overly sweet.  This one was really good.

The radiant Mama-to-be!

Of course since we were on a coffee mission, we did manage to finally get a cup.  I went for iced over hot this time. 

I’m officially coffeed out though.  1 mug at breakie + 2 mugs at the Monkey + 1 iced  = 1 hyper Lynn!

That was my Sunday, hope yours was just as great!

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